Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Review

     BB creams have been the rage lately.  They were really popular in Asia, and now they’ve become popular here in the US.  BB creams are pretty much multi-functional foundations.   Today I’m reviewing Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. 
     BB stands for blemish balm, blemish base, or beblesh balm.   If you want to learn about the history of BB creams, here’s an article on it, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BB_cream.
     On the tube it says it’s an 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30.

Enhances skin with eight benefits in 1:
  • Blurs Imperfections
  • Enhances
  • Brightens
  • Adjusts to skin tone
  • Smoothes
  • Hydrates
  • SPF 30 protects
  • 0% oils and other heavy ingredients
     There are 5 different shades to choose from, light, light/medium, medium, medium/deep, and deep.  I have the medium shade.  It’s about $8 for 1 fl. oz., which I don’t think is that bad. 
     Check it out here for yourself. http://www.maybelline.com/Products/Face-Makeup/BB-Cream/Dream-Fresh-BB.aspx

  • It goes on smooth and even. 
  • It can be easily applied with your fingers, and it doesn’t require very much blending. 
  • It’s moisturizing and it smoothens out any dry spots on your face. 
  • It’s very natural looking; it doesn’t look or feel heavy. 
  • It doesn’t have much of a smell.
  • It has SPF 30 in it, which can be a good and a bad thing.
  • Under $10; it was around $8 for me.
  • It evened out my skin tone.  My skin looks all the same color now.
  • I did notice when I first used this that my skin looked better, but it wasn’t a huge difference.  Even though it has light coverage it still makes the acne on my face less noticeable, and it covers up the red slightly.

  • I know most BB creams & tinted moisturizers have squeeze tubes, but I really don’t like them.  When you first buy it, it’s super full and a lot of product comes out when you squeeze it, and you end up wasting it unless you put it in a small container.   I would have liked it if it was in a bottle with a pump or in a different squeeze tube that worked better.
  • They make it sound better than it is.  Did it smooth and hydrate my skin? Yeah.  Did it brighten it? A little. Blur imperfections?  Slightly.  Adjust to skin tone?  Yeah, kind of.  Enhance?  I guess.  It didn’t necessarily “not” do what they said, but it didn’t’ really make a huge difference like they made it out. 
  • It’s very runny; if it was a little thicker, it might have better coverage. 
  • It makes your skin oily; even with powder.  I have combination skin and this is for normal skin (in stores it says for normal skin and on their website they said ideal for normal skin).  It could partly make your skin oily because of what they use in sunscreen.  I’ve seen a few reviews on this and almost everyone said it made their skin oily.  It doesn’t make my skin much oilier than any other foundation I’ve used; even if the foundation was for oily skin, mine still got oilier than if it would without foundation.
  • It’s only for normal skin (like I said above).  The reason I still tried this is because my cheeks are really dry and regular foundation makes my cheeks look dry.  And powder foundation (the suggested type of foundation for oily skin) makes my cheeks look chapped. 

Summing It All Up

     Overall, I like this product, and I think it works fairly well for my current needs.  Is it all that it’s hyped up to be?  Absolutely not.   I don’t know that I’ll repurchase when it runs out, but I’m going to use the rest of the tube, and it’ll last me for a while.  The BB cream works well for me during the fall/winter, but I don’t think I’ll be able to use it during the summer because it will make my skin too oily.
     I honestly think you could find a better BB cream than this, but you would probably have to spend a lot more money.  This BB cream definitely doesn’t give heavy coverage.  If you like light, natural face makeup then this might be for you.  Like other people have said, it’s basically a tinted moisturizer they’ve repackaged as a BB cream.
     I’ve heard that most of the drugstore BB creams are about the same.  L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream has gotten some good reviews, so that might be a good one to check out.  

     What do you guys think about BB creams?

Becca xoxo

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