Floral & Leopard Print // OOTD

 Shirt: JCPenney // Shorts: Faded Glory // Shoes: American Eagle // Purse: JCPenney // Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe // Necklace: Avon // 
I tried doing a braided headband/crown for the first time yesterday. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good! I'm usually not very good at trying different things with my hair, but I need to start trying more.

Most people are afraid to mix prints (such as floral and leopard), but there's nothing to be afraid of. Mixing prints is all the rage now. If you're new to mixing prints, go in baby steps. You don't have to start off by wearing print on top of print (such as wearing a printed shirt and a printed skirt together). Try wearing a printed shirt, and then using a printed purse (like I did), or wearing a printed skirt and using a printed scarf. One blogger that I think is great at mixing prints is Kendi Everyday. You really should go check out her blog, it's fabulous

Now go out there and mix some prints!

xoxo, Rebecca


  1. Floral is one of my favorite prints! I agree with you Kendi mixes patterns brilliantly! What a cute braid too :-)


  2. Hi Rebecca! I tagged you at my blog!