Inexpensive Shirts For Layering

     Here are some stores that I like to shop at where I can find lots of stuff to layer for inexpensive prices.

Forever 21
     I’ve seen (and gotten) some inexpensive shirts there that are really good quality.  I got a white shirt for $3.50 and a tank top for $5.50.   I think the quality of the shirts is a lot better than some shirts I have bought at other stores for more money.  Plus I think it’s really cool that Forever 21 has John 3:16 on their bags.  This is the shirt I got.

And this is the style of tank I got. 

Charlotte Russe
     They have some inexpensive shirts that I use to layer for about $5. But I thought the quality of the shirts could have been better.

     JCPenney has some inexpensive shirts that are plain or have some designs on them for $6, but it seems like after I wore the shirts they got stretched out until you washed again, then it would shrink back to the original size.  Not all of my shirts from there have done that, but some of them have.  The ones that stretched out were all the Arizona brand and fabric.  I have gotten other shirts from the Arizona brand, but they were different fabric and they didn’t stretch out.

     Deb has some inexpensive and colorful shirts for layering.  Online they are about $3- $10.  Here’s one I found on their website for $3.00.

Old Navy
     Old Navy has some shirts that are good for layering too for about $8.

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