I Found it at... Jeans

     I shopped around a while to find the best quality and fit of jeans for me.  I wanted to find some skinny jeans that were good quality, were the right color, and I really wanted some with rips.  I tried Aeropostale’s skinny jeans last year (they look the exact same this year) and mine got so they looked all stretched out and faded.   (It was partly because I gained a little weight too :/)  

     I tried the boot cut ones also, but they didn’t have any spandex in them (which means they aren’t stretchy), so I didn’t like them.  I tried Vigoss last year from JCPenney and I don’t think I’ll try them again.  Mine ripped numerous times in the crotch and inside of the legs.  The jeans were pretty thin to begin with, but I did like the feel of the jeans.  I tried on Decree this year from JCPenney, but I didn’t like them.  They seems really small, if I wanted them to fit right I would have had to get a size 9 or 11 (I’m normally a size 5-7).  I didn’t try on the Arizona brand because they weren’t the color that I wanted, but they had a nice selection.  My sister wanted to look at Sears for some jeans because her friend had found some there.  She tried some on, but she didn’t find any she liked (plus they didn’t have her size) and I didn’t see any I liked either.  I tried Deb, but I didn’t see hardly any skinny jeans; they mostly had just flares.  I tried looking at American Eagle’s jeans but all the ones I liked were more than I wanted to spend.  I looked at Forever 21’s jeans, but the ones I saw didn’t look like they were that good of quality.  Charlotte Russe had a nice selection of jeans, but I didn’t quite find what I was looking for.  (The jeans were a really good price though.)  My friend really likes Pacsun’s jeans, but I didn’t have a chance to look at their jeans.  Hollister had a pretty wide selection with different styles, colors, washes and prices.  They were priced $20 and up.  I found this adorable pair of skinny jeans that were a little faded and had rips.

     On sale they were $40, I don’t normally spend $40 on jeans, but these were really good quality and so cute.  So I ended up getting them.  Rue21 had a good selection too.  I got a pair of skinny jeans on sale for $12 (they were originally $20).  I really like the Rue21 jeans, but the Hollister ones are still my favorite.  
     Tell me about where you got your jeans and for how much.


  1. I got some dark wash skinny jeans at Aeropostale for $20. Aeropostale jeans dont usually fit me that well, but these fit perfectly I was so excited! :)

  2. Cool! It might have just been how mine were washed or my pair.

  3. Heyy,
    This is Becca from Susie Magazine... I stumbled across your blog, and it is SO CUTE! :D
    I really liked this post--I have the hardest time ever finding jeans... Usually I just go to bluenotes, though, (a Canadian store) or Stitches (it might also be Canadian?)

    Great blog, and great layout! :) I'll be following your blog.


  4. Thanks so much!!! :) I'm going to be doing more about where I found clothes at so check back soon!
    I've never heard of Stitches but it could be other places in the US.