Petroleum Jelly

      You can use petroleum jelly for so many different things.  You can use it as a makeup remover, but I only use it as an eye makeup remover when I do use it, because petroleum jelly is sort of oily so I don’t know if it would make my skin oily or not.
     Petroleum jelly can be used as an under eye moisturizer; I use it for that a lot.
     You can also use petroleum jelly as natural mascara.  I’ve only done this a few times when I was going to go somewhere before I went swimming.  It doesn’t harden or dry like mascara does so if you touch your lashes it will come off and it’s a little gloppier than mascara.  I would curl my lashes before I apply it so if you blink it doesn’t get petroleum jelly under your eye.  I would also separate my lashes before I apply it because it will make your lashes look like they’re all stuck together if you don’t.  Use a disposable or an old clean and washed mascara wand, put the petroleum jelly on the wand and apply.  Or, you can just put a little petroleum jelly on your finger and apply it.  I hardly ever do this because regular mascara works so much better.  Even if you’re going to go swimming, waterproof mascara works 100% better.  I thought I would just tell you about using it as mascara since you can.
     It works really well as a lip balm.  I use it almost every night, and whenever my lips are dry.  You can use it as a lotion, but it makes your skin feel a little greasy so I usually only use it on my hands when they’re really dry.
     On the back of my petroleum jelly it says it can be use to temporarily protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.  When I’ve gone skating before the ice skates rubbed on my ankles so I tried putting petroleum jelly where it was sore and it did help a little.  Plus, petroleum jelly is hypoallergenic.  I usually get the flip-top one because then you can just squirt it out instead of digging it out of a container with your finger.
     Also, this isn't that beauty related, but you can use petroleum jelly to get scuff marks off your shoes.  I use it to get dirt off the rubber part of my Converse.


  1. This is a pretty good idea, I think it would work great as a mascara. I love that it gets the scuff marks off of my converse. ;)

  2. I do too! I get a lot of scuff marks on my converse and it's really annoying.