CHI Digital Review

     I got my CHI Digital over a year ago, and I still love it to this day!  I haven’t had any kind of problems with it.  When I first got it, it was the only digital one available where you could change the temperature, now they have quite a few.  My CHI has 1 inch plates.  It was made in the USA and it had a two year warranty.
     I got my CHI on sale at Trade Secret for $99.  On the box the original price was $159.95, so if you are wanting a CHI (or any straightener for that matter) make sure you shop around before buying one.  JCPenney has a pretty good selection of CHIs and they are usually on sale for around $115.  The CHIs they were selling came with different things, like pouches for the straighteners or bottles of CHI Silk Infusion.  My CHI didn’t come with anything, but when I opened it up there was a card you could send in to get a free bottle of CHI Silk Infusion.  Unfortunately I never received it. 
     If you buy a CHI, make sure that you buy it at an authorized store, or the warranty won’t be eligible.  The authorized stores are JCPenney, Fantastic Sams, Beautyfirst, Purebeauty, Ulta, Beauty Brands, Trade Secret/ Beauty Express, and Regis Salons.  Here is the company website; http://www.farouk.com/.
     Heating it only takes about 40 seconds to get to the hottest setting; which is 200 degrees Celsius.  The lowest temperature is 80 degrees Celsius.  I do adjust the temperature a lot so it’s nice to be able to.  On all of my other straighteners, it only had a little dial to adjust the temperature, and it never told you when it was heated up. 
     The model of the straightener is a lot nicer than my other straighteners that I’ve had.  My other straighteners didn’t open and close as easily as this one and the other ones felt like you were pulling on your hair when you were using it, especially when you were curling your hair.  This one just glides nicely.  The ceramic plates are really nice.  The other straighteners I had before weren’t professional straighteners, so it’s understandable that they didn’t work as well.  I noticed right away after using it for the first time that my hair was a lot straighter after I straightened it.  It also works really well to do curls.  It also doesn’t make my hair feel dry; it makes it feel soft and silky.  
     I really like my CHI, and I recommend it anyone who is looking for a good straightener.  

*The picture isn't of my exact straightener, but it is similar.

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