I love exfoliating because I love soft skin.  So this post is all about sugar exfoliants.  You can mix sugar with extra virgin olive oil or olive oil for an exfoliant.  It exfoliates and moisturizes your skin at the same time.  If you want to use it on your face only use extra virgin olive oil, not olive oil.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil won’t clog your pores; the molecules are too big. 
     If you exfoliate with it before you shave like I do, it makes your legs and the hair on your legs soft and it’s easier to shave.  When you mix it together make sure you use more sugar than oil; just use as much as you need.  After you wash it off, it makes your skin so soft! You can add extra virgin olive oil (or you can use olive oil) and sugar to your bath instead of applying the mixture directly on your skin.  You can also use it on your lips!  Just put the mixture on your lips, rub it with your finger or use a toothbrush, and then wash it off.  Your lips will be so amazingly soft!   (You don’t have to use the oil to do this stuff; you can just use plain sugar if you want.)
     For another exfoliant you can use plain sugar.  To exfoliate my face I usually use plain sugar.  Take some sugar in your hand, add some water, gently rub it all over your face (minus your eyes), and then gently wash it off.  Or you can just add a little bit of sugar in your cleanser, which works really well. 

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