The 411 on Shaving

       I have switched products a lot when it comes to shaving.  First I used Skintimates Shaving Cream and BIC Disposable razors; then I used Suave conditioner; next I switched to an electric razor (REMINGTON Smooth & Silky electric razor for about $40); and now I’m using Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel for dry skin and Wilkinson Sword Classic Twin razors.  I really like the shaving gel; when you first squirt it out its like gel, but it becomes a cream when you rub it.  It’s really moisturizing and it makes it easier to shave; I actually think I like it better than conditioner.  It wasn’t that expensive, only about $2.  I still think that conditioner is great for shaving (definitely better than just soap), but I’m finding that shaving gel works best for me.   

     I almost always shave after I’ve just taken a shower; I don’t like shaving in the shower.  I don’t have very good light in there, and the shaving cream gets rinsed off.  If I didn’t just get done taking a shower, then I soak my legs in warm water for a couple minutes to soften the hair.  I find that the softer the hair, the easier it is to shave.  If you want super soft and smooth legs, exfoliate your legs before you shave.  I usually fill the tub up with a little bit of water when I shave to rinse my razor off during shaving.  That way I don’t have to turn the water on and off every 5 seconds or leave it on.  I sit on the edge of the tub and I raise whichever leg I’m shaving against the tub.  It makes it easier, because my leg is more at eye level, and I can see if I missed any places.  I start at the base of my ankle and I go all the way up to my knee.  I don’t go all the way up without lifting the razor up; I do little strokes all the way up.  Then I rinse my razor off.  I keep doing that until I’ve done my whole leg.  Sometimes I have to shave sideways on the back of my legs, or I just have to go over certain places on my legs till all the hair is gone.  I usually shave my knee, my toes, and the top of my feet last.  Be very careful when doing your knee and the back of your knee, actually be careful everywhere.  Just take your time, and don’t rush.  It’s easier to cut yourself with a dull razor; make sure you get a new razor when the old one gets dull.  I usually change mine every couple weeks.  You’re supposed to change it every 8-10 times shaving.  I don’t count when I just shave under my arms, haha.  After I’m done shaving, I rinse my legs off and then I pat them dry.  If I’ve cut myself and it doesn’t stop bleeding pretty quickly, then I use a styptic pencil to help stop the bleeding.  After that I apply lotion to my legs.
     I have trouble with getting a razor rash if I shave with a regular razor and then a day or two later I shave again.  So if I’m going to shave every other (or every) day, then I have to use an electric razor.  If my hair gets a little longer, I can use a regular razor, and I like using a regular razor better because you get a closer shave.  I usually have to go over my legs more with an electric razor, but it seems to go faster.  I don’t have to be quite as careful with an electric razor because you can’t cut yourself as easily.  I find that the only place I usually cut myself with an electric razor is on my knees, the back of my knees, and on my feet.  So I usually use my disposable razor for those places.  It’s also nice that you can shave wet or dry with an electric razor. 
     How often you should shave depends on the person.  I know some people that shave every day because they like to be super smooth.  I’m not really picky about how smooth my legs are, I’ve gone a week during the summer without shaving my legs, but I was only at home.  If I want smooth legs, I shave about every other day.  During the winter I usually only shave once a week, and I don’t usually shave above my knee. 
                                             A few things you can use conditioner for…
     Conditioner can be used as a makeup remover.  I personally don’t like using it as one, but it can be used.  Take a cotton ball with some conditioner on it, and wipe it on your face to remove your makeup.  Then wash the conditioner off with your cleanser.
     You can also put conditioner all over your body in the shower, leave it on for a few minutes, and then after you wash it off your skin with be soft. 

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