Happy Tuesday!

Hello everyone!
These are some pictures I took (minus the one of me) the week before last while I was spending the
weekend with my friend Jessica. We had a blast together, and we had a lot of fun feeding and petting the horse. There were three horses in the field and it took us forever just to get one to come over! Silly horses.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to post anything last week; the week just went so fast! I've been super busy with school so I haven't had that much time to write. I should be blogging more the next couple of weeks though!
I've been working on my blog a lot recently, trying to find something I really like. What do you think of how it looks now? Hopefully sometime I can design my own template or buy a template from somewhere. Blog Milk has some super cute ones. I've also been working on redesigning Mod Style Lounge (MSL is a blog I write for). Blog designing is hard stuff! But it's also pretty fun.
Be on the lookout for more posts this week, and have a great rest of the day! (:

Becca xoxo

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