Hair Chalk

     Hair chalk has become more popular recently because it’s temporary and easy to apply.  Hair chalk is chalk that you buy specifically for your hair, or chalk pastels that you buy from an art store. 
     A few weeks ago I was at my friend’s house, and she had some hair chalk, and we decided to try it out.  The brand she had was Beyond the Zone, and she had two different colors, pink and purple.   The package it was in didn’t have any instructions so we just took sections of our hair and rubbed the chalk on.  
     The chalk was pretty messy to put on; it got all over our hands, clothes, and all over the bathroom.  It didn’t really stay on our hair very well, either.  The chalk didn’t show up in my hair very well since I have dark hair.  My friend (Jessica) has blonde hair, so it showed up pretty well on her.  We washed our hair before we went to bed because it would have rubbed off everywhere in our sleep.  It washed out just fine, but the chalk left our hair really dry.  The color came out of my clothes, too, for the most part with the help of stain remover.
     Since my hair was so dry, I decided to do a hot oil treatment on my hair the next night; afterwards my hair was pretty much back to normal.  I noticed when I was washing my hair after doing the treatment that some purple was coming out, so if you use hair chalk, make sure you get it all out.
     The Beauty Department has a really good article that gives you tips and techniques to use when using hair chalk.   Chalk It Up
     Even though it didn’t turn out very well when Jessica and I did it, I really want to try it again and apply it like The Beauty Department suggests. 
     Here’s a video showing you how to apply hair chalk.

     Adding color to your hair whether it’s Kool-Aid or chalk is really popular right now because it’s super cute and colorful.  What do you think of the trend?  Have you tried it? 
     Make sure to check back next week for a post about another hair trend, Kool-Aid. 
Becca xoxo

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