I can't believe it's already March..

....I really can't. It feels like January just started. I'm so glad the winter months are over and that spring is just around the corner! I'm really excited to see what spring will bring; spring always seems like a time when a lot of things change and new and exciting things happen.
Today I was originally planning on posting the rest of the pictures I took of the snow last week, but it was such a nice day out (in the 60s!) that I didn't feel like posting pictures of snow. Instead I decided to snap a few pictures when I was outside journaling (the first and last pictures were taking indoors). 
I really like journaling; I used to hate it because I felt like I had to write a certain way or say certain things, but I got over it, and I enjoy it now. So far I've written in my journal every day this year! Which is really good for me. 
Happy journaling, and have a great rest of the week! ...I really should come up with a better ending. Oh well.
xoxo, Becca 

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