New Direction and New Name

Hi everyone!
Notice anything different about my blog? My name was changed from Rebecca’s Beauty Corner to Awestruck.
Awestruck means overcome or full of awe, and awe means wonder inspired by genius, great beauty, or might. I love the way it sounds. I’m not even sure how I came up with the name, I was just thinking of random words I could use for my blog and I thought of it. I’m still really surprised I came up with it on my own. I’m usually not good at coming up with names.
I decided I wanted to change my name not because I don’t like the name Rebecca’s Beauty Corner, because I do. I felt like with the word “beauty” in the name it was too restricting, and it put my blog into too much of a category. When I first started my blog I mainly blogged about beauty and I did a little fashion. While I plan to continue blogging about beauty, I’m moving more towards fashion and photography. I plan to start doing more actual “writing”, not just beauty or fashion related. I hope you guys will all continue to read my blog!
xoxo, Becca

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