Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Whenever it starts getting close to spring I start thinking about warm weather and of course, spring fashion. Here are some of the spring trends I've been seeing and love.

I've seen a ton of shirts, dresses, and skirts that are sheer this year. Just like the shirt below, most of the sheer pieces I've seen are also high-low.
High-low dresses and skirts have been around for awhile, but now you can get high-low shirts! This is probably my favorite trend for spring; I'm totally digging it!
Floral is big this year. I've seen it on a lot of shirts, but I've also seen it on a lot of shorts, jeans, and leggings. 
I haven't seen a whole lot of leather, but all the fashion magazines are saying it's huge for spring. If you want some leather, I suggest going for a leather legging or a leather jacket.
Sporty dresses are a super new trend for spring. Sporty dresses have an A-line skirt and are shoulder-baring. I think they're really chic, so I'm hoping be around for a while. Another trend is bright colored dresses.
Chambray was big for the fall and winter, and it's sticking around for spring. Chambray shirts look super cute paired with a floral skirt or bright colored shorts. 
The whole nautical thing has been around for a while now, and it's still here for spring. Instead of just striped shirts and dresses, now you can find striped jeans and shorts.
If you're looking for something to jazz up a graphic tee or you want something to give you the rocker look, then go get yourself a vest!
Instead of all shorts being denim like they usually are, there are a lot of cotton and polyester shorts this season. Shorts are a little longer and they aren't as tight as the ones in the past. Printed and bright colored are the most popular ones right now. 
I haven't seen any specific skirt that is the "it" skirt for spring, so pretty much anything you can find in stores is popular. Most of the skirts I've seen are full, flouncy skirts. I really like this full skirt; it would be super cute with a floral top!
Crossbody bags are the "it" bag for this season. Go for a bright, bold color and you're good to go.
Gladiator sandles and wedges are really popular. A new trend for shoes is ankle straps. You can find ankle straps on a lot of high heels, wedges, and sandles.
Other Accessories
Statement sunglasses (such as brightly colored or graphic frames) and straw fedoras, are two trendy spring accessories to wear.

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