Let's Take a Dip

Happy Memorial Day! This is the weekend that marks the start of summer; most schools have finished and the pools are starting to open up. A lot of you have probably already bought your swimming suits, but I wanted to do a post about swimwear anyways.

I haven’t gotten a swimming suit yet, but I have been studying the swimming suit trends. I’ve seen a lot of retro suits this year, and I have to say that, they’re my favorite!

One of my favorite places to get swimwear is from Target. They have a big variety, and they’re affordable. That’s most likely where I’ll get my swimsuit from. I didn’t include any of Target's suits because I couldn’t find any photos that made them look good. 

Here are my suggestions:

Go retro! Don't be afraid to try a new swimming suit style.

Go bright! Bright colored suits are the way to go.

Try a pattern. Patterns are so fun and hip. Stripes, floral, polka-dots, they’re all good.

 Forever 21 // Unfortunately, this swimming suit isn't available anymore. I included it to show the varying types of patterns.
Don’t be afraid to wear a one-piece, I’ve seen a lot of chic one-piece swimming suits.

Black is always classic. And so is white! But please, please, make sure that your white swimming suit isn’t see-through.
 Forever 21 // This isn't available anymore, but you can find a black swimming suit almost anywhere!

If you like wearing shorts over your swimsuit, here's a cute pair from J. Crew. 

A cover-up is a must if you go to the beach.

Hats have slowly become popular again, and not just for the pool or beach. There are lots of different outfits you can create with a hat.

And lastly, don't forget the sunscreen! Make sure to get a special sunscreen that is non-comedogenic (won't cause breakouts) for your face. Here's one from Neutrogena.

Rebecca xoxo

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